Sacred  Dance

"Naturally integrates spontaneous

movements with creative expression

to promote full embodiment, 

energy awakening, self-empowerment

and rediscover your feminine

sensual expression.

Kundalini Rhythms: A Sacred Dance Style

To awaken your creative feminine energy.

Kundalini Rhythms Dance awakens your creative feminine energy through guided movements focused on harmonizing the equilibrium between body and mind.

Kundalini Rhythms Dance is not just dancing, it is a process to learn listening to our inner impulse, follow it and respond harmoniously to musical frequencies with the purpose to bring balance not only to our body but also to our more subtle bodies such as the mental, emotional and why not spiritual.

It is a path to fully embrace conscious movements by letting your emotions unfold at each step and movement. Learning Kundalini Rhythms Dance is a mystic journey that gradually unfolds your inner creativity and brings you closer to your authentic Self. Read More...

Why Practice Sacred Dance?

Kundalini Rhythms Dance©️ is a type of dance that promotes conscious movements to inspire body awareness, acceptance and become more present to our sensations which in the end lead to self-confidence, self-esteem, and full empowerment through grace and beauty.

Kundalini Rhythms Dance is a fusion of styles and embraces multiple cultures. Each movement is inspired by a sacred dance style, such as Persian Dance, Indian Classical Dance, West African Dance, Oriental Dance just to name a few. While the energy system that supports the whole method gets its inspiration from the art of QiGong and Yoga.

The Practice of Sacred Dance promotes awareness, creativity, and Self-Love. 

Kundalini Rhythms Dance promotes culture and education, aside from learning to dance mindfully you'll learn also what's the culture of each style. 

Online Classes allow you to decide the time and space of your class. You can access the many recorded classes (about 20 minutes long) or request a private live session online with Dharma Devi.

Each class is broken down into 10 min warm-up, 10 minutes specific sequence of movements, 10 minutes cool down. You will have plenty of classes to learn from and each class will be unique to keep you learning and integrating step by step.

If you would like personal attention Dharma Devi teaches also online live sessions with zoom or facetime. Also, Dharma might be able to offer in-person private sessions if the location allows.

Memberships will keep you committed to learning. You can choose between three different tiers depending on what you want to learn.

You can cancel your membership at any time.