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The Healing Power Of Dance

"Naturally integrates spontaneous 

movements with creative expression

to promote full embodiment, 

energy awakening, self-empowerment, 

and rediscover your feminine sensual expression."

Ignite Your Inner Creative Fire

Welcome to your virtual and physical dance studio dedicated to healing and transformative dance.

Here you can learn Classical Bellydance (Danza Del Ventre), Persian Dance, Qigong as form of Conscious movement technique and energetic rebalance modality.

Moreover, you can learn a new modality of Healing Dance called Kundalini Rhythms Dance.

Kundalini Rhythms Dance©️ is a sacred dance style that comprises of different dance forms, qigong, and meditation all perfectly intertwined to deliver a harmonious and transformative dance experience. 

Kundalini Rhythms Dance awakens your creative feminine energy through guided movements focused on harmonizing the equilibrium between body and mind... Read More...

Kundalini rhythms with symbol.png

"Dance is a poem in which each movement is a word."
Mata Hari

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