The Story Behind

Kundalini Rhythms Dance©️ comes from pain and the wish of healing to find joy. it has roots in profound research, hard study, constant practice, and lots of teaching experience.

It is not just a way to dance, Kundalini Rhythms is a method to explore yourself, your emotions, your energy, and find a way to express them creatively to awaken your sensual yet strong feminine energy. 

Kundalini Rhythms Dance is a way to find your inner rhythms, your soul impulse, your heart pulse, and interpret it through dance.

It encapsulates your hopes, your dreams, your future, and through the energy, your movement unfolds, it promotes self-empowerment and the development of a profound sense of femininity.

It is a way to re-create or create the life you truly desire, starting by empowering your inner creativity.

Kundalini Rhythms Founder

Simona Dharma Devi

The Founding Creator

Simona aka Dharma Devi comes from a loving Italian family. 

Simona holds a Master's Degree in History and Anthropology of performing arts. She has been practicing Yoga and meditation since childhood, and even though she is now a former performing artist, she has extensive experience on the stage. She is now focused on teaching and sharing her experience as a creative woman to promote self-esteem, self-love, and self-empowerment.

She hasn't stopped studying and enrich herself though, she continues her Indian Classical Dance, Oriental Dance, and Persian Dance practice. Always looking for the connecting link between art, meditation, mindfulness, and creative expression. Dharma Devi spent most of her life researching and experimenting where the one meets the other.  Kundalini Rhythms is the result of over 20 years of research, and experienced teaching.

An Indian Soul Inside An Italian Body.

Simona Dharma Devi has always been fascinated and attracted by the Indian tradition and culture, she used to study books on yoga philosophy at a very young age. When she met her Indian Classical Dance Guru in Mysore where she lived for a while, her teacher tagged her as "An Indian Soul inside an Italian body" just because of the way she looked and moved and how quickly was for Dharma to understand and assimilate the artistic tradition of the Indian subcontinent.


"Dharma Devi" is a spiritual name that Dharma received by her Gurus and merged two important traditions that marked Dharma's path. Dharma Devi has a very strong Yoga training (practice and study of philosophy) from which she received the "Dharma" part of her name.
"Devi" the second part of her name was given to her by her Bharatanatyam Teacher with whom she lived and studies. 

Dance with Simona Online:

Dancing with Simona is beautiful and inspiring even when it is done online.

Simona has a very unique format that allows you to learn efficiently through the online medium.

You can choose between recorded online classes which are about 30-60 minutes long or live Online 1-on1 sessions.

Recorded classes are accessible through monthly memberships on the Patreon platform, while the live online class must be booked online.

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