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Weekly live-online class schedule:

On this page, you can find the online-live offering.

You will find not only Kundalini Rhythms classes but also Yoga classes offered by Dharma Devi as a complementary practice to the art of dancing.

Each yoga class, as well as the Mystic Dance classes, include Qigong inspired exercises to help understand and integrate the energy wisely and harmoniously.​

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Please first choose if you want to follow the class in English or in Italian.

Then click on the class that interests you, and pick the time. Classes time is set to be displayed by the attendee's time zone. For your convenience, I'm listing the time below for each class based on NYC time and Rome Time. However, you must scroll down to "Our Service Session" to select your class. Once you choose your class, you can click on the link on the left saying display my own time zone, and it will tell you exactly the time of the class based on your location.

Once you pick class and time, you can book your group class. You can pay by class/session or pay a monthly membership which will give you unlimited access to any class, and hopefully will keep you committed to practice and wellbeing :-)

Tuesday 11am-12pm: Hatha Yoga Flow

Saturday 10am-11am: Yin Yoga + Qi Gong

Sunday 11:00am-12:00pm: Kundalini Rhythms: Mystic Dance


Time displayed based on NYC time zone

Lunedi ore 19-20: Yin Yoga + QiGong

Martedi ore 18:30-19:30: Kundalini Rhythms: Danza Mistica

Giovedi ore 10-11: Hatha Yoga Flow

Gli orari sono quelli corretti italiani