Online Classes 

Dharma Devi has the ability to tap into your energy and help you tune into the creative space of Kundalini Rhythms even if you are on the other side of the globe.

Teaching online allowed me to reach more people and bring this beautiful method to more people who wanted to change their lives.

Also, Online classes are a way to set the first connection and start working together, so when there will be an in-person event, you will be able to receive a more profound experience.

How Can You Dance Online?

I offer plenty of possibilities to learn from me. My on-demand classes are available on my Patreon platform for now. And,  in addition to my on-demand classes, which you can read all about below, I offer private online live classes on zoom for those of you open to a deeper work and learning experience.

Everything you need to know is written below :-)

Monthly Subscriptions

Tier 1: Foundation Program: Basic movements, understand energy through movements. This tier is essentials for dancers who want to work on their technique and learn new twists and tricks about it, or if you are totally new to dance and movement. This tier is essential for those who want to join the facilitator program.


Tier 2: Choreographiesof light break-down. All choreographies are created respecting the intention and the code of the soul: light, love, life. This tier is essential for those who joined the facilitator program but also for those who want to know how to use them to change and transform the energy around them and manifest healing in the long term.


Tier 3: combines Tier 1 and Tier 2 adding a lecture for the major understanding of the modality of Kundalini Rhythms but also to understand intellectually what Mystical and Sacred dance are. In this tier, you can find lectures about the History of Sacred Dance.

Three different tiers based on your progressions:

Tier 1: $9/month

Tier 2: $15/month

Tier 3: $20/month


Private Sessions

Learn powerful and conscious movements to balance your energy, harmonize your whole system both physical, emotional, mental, and energetic using the art of sacred dance intertwined with the art of Qigong and meditation to learn how to clear, circulate, energize, and harmonize your Qi for a better life.


Each session includes:

  • Warm-up (15 minutes);

  • Theory lecture (10 minutes)

  • Dance and energy Exercises practice (30 minutes)

  • Short combination (15-20 minutes)

  • Meditation to balance and re-harmonize the QI/Prana/vital energy

Depending on the need of the students this sequence can change


Class is not longer than 1hr30min, but it can be slightly shorter.

Price is per session not per hour.

We suggest once you book or before booking to contact Simona Dharma Devi if you have a specific request on what you want to learn or focus your practice on.

Cost per Session: