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The Healing Power Of Dance

"Naturally integrates spontaneous 

movements with creative expression

to promote full embodiment, 

energy awakening, self-empowerment, 

and rediscover your feminine sensual expression."

"Embodied Shakti Course"

Monthly Online Workshop

Kundalini rhythms with symbol.png

Embodied Shakti Course

30hr + Final Creative Project (10hr)

Online in Livestream on Zoom

We often speak about connecting to our feminine energy. People want to reclaim the sacred feminine within us. As a result, we take courses, classes, and workshops, yet we feel like we still miss something. 

In my experience, we miss a sense of embodiment, integration, and merging, all of which imply action and movements. Instead, during these courses, there is too much talking, while Shakti is a doer. She is the active, untamable creative Universal energy; as such, She needs more actions, not too much talking because talking is draining for Shakti.

Shakti needs to feel and allow the emotions to flow while the body moves, often on the sound of rhythm. Rhythms and dance are the quickest ways to awaken the Kundalini, which is the sleeping aspect of Shakti. 

Kundalini is asleep because of fear and for self-protection, but keeping Her asleep prevents us from living a creative, joyful, and fulfilling life. Whatever that means to you. 

Shakti, as well as Kundalini, connect to our emotions. The more we let them flow and understand their messages, the more we grow awareness about ourselves. Awareness of self is what awakens Kundalini into Shakti.

Becoming emotionally conscious allows us to transform emotions into sentiments. Sentiments like compassion, or love, have a very high frequency and have the power to show us where our values reside.

When do we meet?

On Sundays once a month

  • From 10am-12pm US EST or 4pm-6pm Italy time (check your timezone)

  • 2022: Oct 9th-Nov 13th-Dec11th-2023: Jan 8th-Feb 12th-Mar 12th-Apr 23rd-May 14th-Jun 111th- Jul 9th

Please NOTE dates might change. 

Classes will be taught in English

To complete the course you will receive 10 pre-recorded classes, plus thee "Embodied Shakti Project" (READ MORE HERE)

How can we develop awareness quickly and joyfully?

We can dance :) 

Dance promotes embodiment and self-empowerment. 

Dance as conscious movements is one of the most powerful methods to transform energy, including mental, physical, and spiritual frequencies. 

That's why I called this course "Embodied Shakti'. Through dance, we are jumping on an active journey to discover our creative potential, embrace it and nurture it.  

Through this course and artistic experience, we use conscious movements to reconnect and feel, on a physical level, our unique creative feminine energy. The way each of us tunes with our Kundalini-Shakti is unique to every individual. 

This course wants to inspire you to understand yourself more and learn to use dance as a healing method; on the other hand, this course is also an artistic process, and a creative project. For instance, This artistic process will culminate in the "Embodied Shakti Project," an online creative project that could become an online recorded show to inspire others to embrace more of their Shakti. (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THE "EMBODIED SHAKTI PROJECT").

What's the "Embodied Shakti Course"?

The Embodied Shakti Course is a 30 hours course to learn how dance becomes healing. It's part of The Kundalini Rhythms Dance program, and we use its methodology. In this ten modules course, we will focus on reconnecting, nurturing, and healing our relationship with Shakti, which is the creative principle of the Universe.

This course includes an art project designed to stimulate your creativity while improving your self-knowledge, self-confidence, and awareness. The purpose is to gently guide you toward your power and respectfully harvest your Shakti's energy.

We will learn to use dance to nurture ourselves and to give ourselves space to grow and embody our creative energy. 

Everything I teach in this course is the fruit of my direct experience, and it's the result of many years of study, practice, and dedication. 

The Course Syllabus

What are the ten modules of the course?

The Embodied Shakti Course included ten monthly Livestream workshops of two hours each, plus ten pre-recorded classes to continue learning during live streams. In addition, the course combines with an art project of 10 hours, where we will call upon our Shakti inspiration to give life to a beautiful creative project. 

Here is the Ten Modules syllabus:

  • MODULE 1: Neurology of Dance: be in your body & strengthen your nervous system by knowing where you are, where you are coming from, and where you want to go; 

  • MODULE 2: The Dao of Dance 1: understand the power of Qi and where you can harvest Qi from

  • MODULE 3: The Dao of Dance 2: understand the power of Qi and where you can harvest Qi from

  • MODULE 4: Sacred Geometry of Dance: inner sacred geometry and outer, the sacred body and the sacred space.

  • MODULE 5: Energy Healing and Dance 1: How to use your hands to clear, direct and harmonize energy. 

  • MODULE 6: Energy Healing and Dance 2: awaken the sacred healing power hidden in your hips

  • MODULE 7: Neuro-repatterning through conscious movement 1: how to use repeating steps and body language to reprogram our subconscious

  • MODULE 8:  Neuro-repatterning through conscious movement 2: How to create healing choreographies to overcome unhealthy subconscious mindset 

  • MODULE 9: Find your voice and your dance 1: learn to connect without fear with your creative power to give voice to your creativity

  • MODULE 10: Find your voice and your dance 2: learn to connect without fear with your creative power to give voice to your creativity

Every month you will also receive a one-hour pre-recorded class that you will have to practice on your own time. 

Each two hours workshop divides into one hour of theory and one hour of practice. Classes will be gentle but spiritually intense. You will feel calm and energized at the end; however, these are physical activity-based classes, so consult your physician if you have any concerns. 

The ten-hour creative project "Embodied Shakti Project" will develop between work at home on your own time and online classes. I'll announce the schedule in January 2023.


How much does it cost?

  • In USD $: Full course + Creative Project*: $399 by September 20th, after Sept. 20th is $499

  • In Euros €**: Full course + Creative Project*: €399 by September 20th, after Sept. 20th is €499

*It will not be possible to discorporate the creative project from the course, as it is part of the course, although you can decide not to be part of the final video.

** Price in Euros includes IVA/VAT 

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

This course has a strict cancellation and refund policy please read everything. Your payment is proof that you have read and accepted the refund and cancellation policy:

  • You may cancel and request a full refund minus credit card processing fee by Sept 30th

  • After Sept 30th  up to October 6th, you may cancel and request a refund of the 50% of the amount paid minus credit card processing fee

  • You may cancel but not request a refund after October 6th

I understand situations can happen and each case is unique; however, I kindly ask you to respect my work, my time and my energy. therefore I will honor these above rules. 

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