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The Healing Power Of Dance

"Naturally integrates spontaneous 

movements with creative expression

to promote full embodiment, 

energy awakening, self-empowerment, 

and rediscover your feminine sensual expression."

Healing Dance

For Embodiment & Empowerment

Through Kundalini Rhythms Dance©️ we promote conscious movements to inspire body, energy, and emotional awareness. When we learn how to feel and listen to our sensations, we become aware of what's behind each action that leads us through life. Awareness becomes, in this way, a great opportunity to acknowledge and change what no longer works for us. In just one word this is empowerment because we build our self-confidence, and self-esteem, through knowledge of ourselves, and one step at a time we self-empower through grace and beauty and self-observation.


Kundalini Rhythms Dance is a fusion of styles and embraces multiple cultures. Each movement is inspired by different dance styles such as Persian Dance, Indian Classical Dance, Oriental Dance just to name a few. While the energy system that supports the whole method gets its inspiration from the art of QiGong and Yoga. That's why the Practice of Sacred Dance promotes awareness, Self-empowerment, and Self-Love. 

If you look to develop these qualities in your life then Kundalini Rhythms Dance is for you. 

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