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Course 1: The Warrior Goddess

Learn The Healing Art Of Sacred Dancing

Study With Simona Dharma Devi

The Founder of Kundalini Rhythms Dance

The purpose of this program is not to make you a ballerina, it is to teach you Conscious Movement techniques and promote self-empowerment and self-confidence by guiding you to reconnect to your Self. Finding this essential and personal connection to who you are is a critical step to regain personal power to choose what direction your life must take.
Dancing can be a profound method to rediscover your talents, skills, qualities as well as learning new aspects of your Self 
as a creative individual.
In the Indian Art tradition, Dance is considered one of the highest forms of yoga, and this is true if we look at dance as an art form able to stimulate a high level of concentration, physical strength, emotional and energy awareness.
Sacred Dance has ancient roots in the most ancient civilizations, we can state that dance and music were born with humanity, 
and they represented the very first original form of spirituality.
Dance doesn't just help you to reconnect to yourself, to your soul, and your inner will power,
but it is also fun and joyful, and while it reconnects you to your creative nature, it also helps to rediscover and heal your inner child.


The Awakening of the Warrior Goddess





  Enrolment fees start at $1377

Join the course whatever is your goal. 
You can choose between two paths: 

  • The enrichment path  

  • The teacher training path

Read the full program course mission below or download the full workbook here:

Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Kundalini Rhythms Dance Facilitator Program!

What is Kundalini Rhythms Dance Facilitator Program?
Kundalini Rhythms Dance Facilitator Program is an online, interactive program that promotes true empowerment through each individual’s creative spirit, unleashed through the sacred art of dance.
This program delivers education on the history of dance and creative arts, in order to deepen the connection, reverence, and importance of the evolution of dance and art as one. 
Below is Course One of Three offered in this program. This course is a pre-requisite for the next two courses. You do not have to do all three courses to join the first one.

The Awakening of the Warrior Goddess Dancer Course
You will learn all you need to know through various fundamental avenues of study and practices used in the Kundalini Rhythms Online Program to create profound healing effects such as: feeling emotionally stronger and balanced, feeling more beautiful and feminine, developing a strong sense of presence, a true feeling of belonging, increased self-confidence and self -esteem,  relief from deep stress stored and built up over time, clearing the mind to bring in the more intuitive and creative nature of your being, lowering stress hormone levels, changing limiting beliefs systems to creative ones, building security within your body to move freely, and increased flexibility. 
The following listed below, are a few of the tools, modalities, and shifts you can look forward to learning that will be supporting you during this course:

•  Neuro Scienze of Conscious Movement: Learn how conscious movements can impact your way of thinking, how dance can help your release old traumatic patterns, and understand how focused actions and thoughts can libearte you from unhealthy patterns;

•    Basic Qigong: principles and exercises: how and when to integrate QiGong in your movements in order to create harmony and balance
•    Dance Technique: From very beginner dancers to professionals, you will be guided and taught all you need to know in order to move correctly to avoid injuries while respecting the energy flow and your intuitive creativity. This first course will teach you mostly Oriental Dance steps and movements. While course two and three focus on Persian Dance and Indian Classical Dance; 
•    Energy Awareness Training: To develop, understand, and integrate QiGong philosophy and energy anatomy in your practice in order to understand how the energy flows;
•    Lectures on History of dance: Sacred dancing, and Sacred dancers of the past (Devadasi);
•    "Choreographies of Light" the core practice of Kundalini Rhythms Dance: Learn Sacred geometry of movements, understand space as an energy container, and understand yourself as a conduit of energy which can, through dance, harmonize and clear the whole environment;
•    Temple Dance principles: Learn to become a vessel of light who can anchor light on the planet through dance and sacred movements;
•    We will engage our inner Goddess through the art of mystic dance, sacred dance movements, and prayers in motion. You will learn to connect to your inner sacred feminine as a daily practice and to trust in your creative force;
•    And Much more - because as the creativity begins to unravel and flow in each participant, “more” unknown magic will unfold for each person

About the

“Warrior Goddess”

The “Warrior Goddess” represents coming into you individual personal power. A warrior is a mix of compassion and determination and has the duty to restore balance and harmony into the world. When we embody the “Warrior Goddess” we 
bring all of these important aspects into our life. It is an essential step to restore the power in our lives. We then can feel secure, determined, and inspired to move forward to bring forth our vision

Intention & mission:
This program focuses on developing and providing strong dance and movement foundations. The intention is to train beginner to professional level dancers, someone who has never danced (who wants to learn), teachers, and healers who are wanting to be leaders of their own lives.  
To be a leader in ones’ life means, we become aware of who we are and we aren’t influenced by 
others' opinions of us. As leaders of our lives we lead our life from a place of presence, compassion, understanding, and true acceptance of our nature’s weaknesses and strengths.
The empowered leader is one who only needs him/herself to feel powerful not anyone outside of themselves.
The program is not restricted to professional dancers,  it is open to everyone interested in learning the art of "Temple Dance". (more about this below)
Each dancer participating will have the opportunity to learn how to use dance as a healing instrument and to start on the path of the "Temple Dance Healer."

What is a “Temple Dance Healer”?
In ancient times, dancers performed their sacred dances in temples, dedicating their dance to the goddess and her infinite incarnations. Through their dances these sacred dancers restored the balance of nature, for example, they brought fertility to the land and women, blessings, and good fortune. These dances were a ritual benefit to their entire community, bringing great balance on all of these deeply needed levels. When you dance for the goddess you embody the goddess energy and in the process of this embodiment, there is a shift of energy that can catalyze a deep personal transformation.
"The awakening of the Warrior Dancer" course is structured to build your confidence gradually through movements and in a way that you'll feel guided and fully supported as you get stronger each and every day. You'll also learn how to shed the heavy burden of trapped emotions by liberating their flow through conscious movements. This will allow each individual dancer to tune-in with their inner creative energy and understand how to consciously use dance to heal and uplift yourself first and then others. 
The idea and mission of the founder, Simona Dharma Devi, is to share the culture of dance as a sacred movement. As a dancer and anthropologist, she wishes to share with you all the tools she has learned through years of practice and study.
After many years of being a part of different yoga and dance organizations, which actually limited Simona's creative expression. Simona now deeply understands the value and importance of keeping arts and spirituality free of any attachment and confinement.  Knowing the origins of what we practice is important and essential to the quality of our work, while at the same time, it is crucial to allow our creative energy to flow freely to develop a deep sense of our unique belonging within ourself.

How Joining This Course Could Benefit You?
When you join this program, you are accepting to become a stronger, kinder, and more empowered human being. From this renewed strength of being, your mission may organically become that which to inspire others to live their fullest creative life.
Kundalini Rhythms Dance is NOT the usual sacred dance movement. 
This program will not JUST teach you to dance gracefully and powerfully. This course will lead you into finding a new level of life, this means, through the arts of sacred dance, we can shift and expand our perspective, we can experience an opening in our consciousness which shows us a different approach to life, or even discover a solution long desired.
Embodiment is feeling incarnated- feeling the body and soul simultaneously while in one place, you are able to experience life as your unique identity. Embodiment is essential to any spiritual growth. With no awareness of the body through embodiment, there is no spirituality. Embodiment is recognizing the sacredness of the body as a container of the soul. The body is the temple, the soul is the light-the eternal fire that brightens up the temple. This embodiment brings the experience of life to a powerful new level. Through the sacred journey of embodiment, you can use the vibrance of your soul in each step you take and in each movement you make.
For these reasons this path in finding creativity is an amazing, profound journey sure to change your life. As you go through this course other things will unfold for you, and if you allow it, you will understand yourself better, which will bring you the transformation of deep personal growth. 


This is for You if you:

  • Choose and desire an extraordinary opportunity to become a facilitator/teacher in leading individuals or groups into a Goddess Consciousness experience;

  • Want to know yourself better and reconnect to your inner will power;

  • Desire to deepen your understanding of your energy and your emotions;

  • Are ready for your infinite creative magic to be discovered and revealed, through the unfolding of the creative energy through the course

  • Want access to the inner code to your success; 

  • Need to feel much more energy, happiness, and joy;

  • Desire to repair and build up your grace and honor of your innate sacred sensuality and your divine untamable feminine nature

  • Are ready to enrich your life through your own Goddess Consciousness experience  

  • Need the inspiration to enrich your creativity with an existing artistic career 

  • You wish to fully enrich yourself with new skills and abilities

Calendar Zoom Sessions ~ weekly :

Livestream classes have started. No need to enroll in the facilitator program to attend, no dance experience is required.

These are energy healing dance classes, so be open to moving some energy :-)



English Classes:

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 10:30am-11:45am EST or 16:30-17:45 CEST (Italy)

Classi in Italiano:

Martedi: 18:30-19:45 CEST (Italy) or 12:30pm-1:45pm EST

For those enrolled in the KRD facilitator program, you will receive a coupon to join these classes at no extra cost. All the other students will need to sign up for these classes using the link below.


Simona will teach you everything from zero, meaning starting with the foundation of dance techniques. This also ensures you are best protected from possible injury. You will need to be curious and willing to study and learn anything that she will offer you with love, openness, and dedication. 
If you are already a professional dancer, please allow yourself to return to ground 0 to enhance your skills even more and raise an even more solid and beautiful foundation as a healing dancer.
I have danced since childhood, and I keep going taking beginners' courses because the essence of healing is right there at the beginning of everything each time. 
This program is a safe oasis for women, so it is open mostly to women. We would like to welcome everybody truly interested in embracing and honoring the sacred feminine, so if you are not a woman, but you truly wish to join this course, please, contact us to set an interview to introduce yourself and share your vision.

IMPORTANT: We don’t want to prevent anybody from joining this beautiful and enriching journey, but it is essential to us that all participating feel safe and comfortable since, at many times during the course, there will be personal sharing, and perhaps some emotional vulnerable moments. The sacred feminine needs the sacred masculine as well as the sacred masculine needs the sacred Feminine. Therefore, holding space for one another is important, so we just ask for sensitivity and compassion throughout the entirety of the course and our sacred time together. 


Please read the links below and download or save the file for your later reference:

Interactive part:

(Important for those joining as "Teacher Training Path":
This is about your homework and staying connected on our private Facebook group.
For all homework-Please, I invite you all to enjoy and be playful, don't be too serious, just be explorative with all you do
The homework may be short videos and/or answering questions. 

  • Simona requires all students to learn a short "Choreography of Light" and send a video to the teacher to show progress (this is part of the exam)

  • The students are requested to create their own "Choreography of Light" and send a video of progress to the teacher. 

  • Also, the students are required to create an opening prayer to start the dance.

  • You must create a full KRD class on a specific topic of your choice.

We will specify all the details for these assignments as we go on with the training. 
If you don't finish all your homework by the end of the course, you don't have to worry; Simona will give you the time to finish up (up to 12 months total, from the beginning of the course)with everything before taking the exam.
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ 
Private Facebook Group:
The Fb group is part of your interaction with the group and with the teacher through your questions, suggestions, and ideas.
Here we can use this space as a cohesive support group to deeply integrate our homework, studies, and talk about our feelings, and thoughts that may have arisen, explorations, and all questions.
We will use the FB group as a learning platform where we all share our progress and get inspired by one another. 
Remember this is a gossip/criticism-free group.

Personal Investment:

The pricing applies to both modalities either if you take it as "Enrichment program" or as "Teacher Training Program". The pricing listed below does not include the Self-Empowerment Coaching Program.

What you Receive:
Self Study (Pre-recorded course) + 12* Livestream group classes on Zoom + 3** Private Sessions specific for your journey + Access to the Private FB Support Group

Everything for
One Payment of $1,377

Or you can

choose a Payment plan
~ 2 Payments of $711
~ 3 Payments of $474

For Payment plans CONTACT directly with Simona Dharma Devi

~~~ Pricing doesn't include exam fee (read at the bottom of the page for  info)~~~

* You have 12 LIVE STREAM GROUP classes total to be taken within 6 months from course purchase; You receive a personal link to sign up for these classes once you purchase the program. If you don't use your class pack within 6 months, the cost will not be refunded, and you cannot extend unless you were unable to take the classes for severe reasons, you have the full responsibility to sign up for them through the specific link you'll receive after you sign up for the course. Once you sign up for the program, you'll receive the instructions in your mailbox.

** You can take 3 private sessions with Simona included in the price. You must take these sessions within 6 months from course purchase.  These class costs will not be refunded, so make sure to set up time aside for them, you will not be able to extend over 6 months unless there is a proper reason.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

If you wish to enroll with a payment plan, we need your credit card info on file, so please request it to  or call +1 (862) 203-0082 for a faster response (leave a voicemail if we don't answer)

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand we live in an uncertain and unstable financial situation. That's why we would like to be as flexible as possible with our refund and cancellation policy.
However, because of the modality, the program is delivered to our attendees, we are not able to be too flexible. Please, before you sign up, read the cancellation and refund policy here below and in the payment agreement.
NOTE: once you make the first payment, we assume you have read and accepted the term of payment including, the cancelation and refund policy even if you have not signed the registration form, we will enforce this policy.

From the moment you make your payment you have 24hr to cancel your registration and request a refund, Simona will send you the link to access the course 24hr after you made your payment and within 48hr. Once you receive the link, you will not be able to cancel or request a refund. 

If you are enrolled in a payment plan, you will receive the course in two or three different emails

accordingly to your payments. 
If the payment is canceled, or we are unable to process the payment for some reason, we are not going to be able to continue sending you the course material, and there will not be any refund for the portion already received. You can update your payment info at any time to avoid interruption. 

Teacher Certification and Final Exam:

To receive the diploma certificate you must:
Fulfilled all the assignments;
Pass the written, oral and practical exam
Complete the payment

If one or more of these points are not fulfilled, and if you need more time, please don't worry.
You can request to postpone your examination day and delay your graduation.
Your certificate will be waiting for you until all the requirements for certification 
are fulfilled.


The exam fee is waived if you take your exam within 7 months from the date of purchase.
Exam Fee: $108 if you take it within a year from the beginning of the course
Exam fee: $154 if you take it over a year after 
the beginning of the course.

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