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Choose Wellbeing Over Stress
3 Qi Gong Online Class Series 

Classes are available online, you will receive into your inbox the links of the three classes:

  • Class 1 will focus on detoxing turbid  Qi: stuck and negative emotion, stress, bad habits, frustration and anger create turbid Qi

  • Class 2 will focus on Increasing Qi: after we free our material and energetic bodies from turbid Qi, we need to gather new Qi (from heaven, earth, and environment) to tonify our inner Qi and feel recharged

  • Class 3 will focus on Harmonizing and circulating  Qi: to benefit from this practice our energy must circulate and move where it's needed


This series is studied to specifically to release stress, negative emotions, and physical fatigue.

Each class is about 60 min long, and it will include:

  • Exercises breakdown: technique and benefits

  • Full class: 30-45 minutes

  • Classes are pre-recorded to guarantee video quality and tranquillity

Classes will be easy to practice (no crazy postures); however, keep in mind that this is physical exercise

If you have any concerns, please reach out to me for clarification, but most often everybody can practice Qigong with some adjustment if needed.

The overall practice of these three classes will leave you feeling more grounded and present in your body as well as more clear in your mind. Let’s not forget about your heart, which will feel more open and relaxed.

Classes will be taught in English


$30 or 30 Euro

The price is in rising scale. If you want, you can donate more, use the PayPal button below to sign up, and please:

  • Specify your email, the classes will be sent to your inbox starting on February 25th

  • I’ll be reachable via email or phone if you have any questions during your practice (info on the email with the classes)

  • Qigong has helped a great deal emotionally, mentally and physically I’m honored to be able to teach it and share it with as many people as possible