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QiGong Essential Course


Online and Interactive

Deepen your understanding of your life force with QiGong, learn to keep yourself healthy and strong, not only for the benefit of yourself but for those around you. 

Learn from the comfort of your home how to transform your life by using the intelligent Qi energy flow.

  • This course is a 30hr interactive online program focused on Self-healing. 

  • This course is not a teacher training, and it's for those of you who want to enrich your home practice with awareness and knowledge. 

  • This course will benefit you by giving you all the essential information you need to practice safely at home.

You can follow the Livestream classes or study at your own pace on the on-demand library.

Livestream started on NOV. 21st, 2021


We are going to meet online every other Sunday for theory and some practice with Simona, while once a week, on Thursday, you'll also receive pre-recorded practice video.


Calendar Live classes on Zoom every Sunday from 10am-12pm US EST:

  • Nov. 2021: 21-28

  • Dec. 2021: 5-12-19-26

  • Jan. 2022: 9-16-23

Calendar recorded classes every Thursday (you'll get them in your mailbox):

  • Nov. 2021: 25

  • Dec. 2021: 9-16-23-30

  • Jan. 2022: 6

Classes will be all recorded for those who cannot attend the Livestream.


You may receive additional material + You will have forever access to the course through the on-demand library. 

Course Details

We are going to explore the details of each movement and the energy theory behind it. You will learn how every exercise impacts your energy and how to harness the Qi to your health benefit. 


Either you are an experienced QiGong practitioner or a pure beginner, this course will benefit you by deepening your self-understanding of this ancient healing method. 

I will give you all the tools you need to heal and transform your energy, and if you allow it, you'll be able to influence your surrounding as well for the benefit of all. 


What you will learn is this 9-week course:

  • What's Qigong: Understand the origin, the different schools, and the philosophy behind it.

  • The theory of Qi: What is it? Understand different types of Qi and harness its benefit.

  • Energy Anatomy: The Meridians and the three Tan Tien.

  • The Five elements in Qigong: comprehend their qualities and harness their energy for transformation and health.

  • Let's learn Qigong warm-up exercises for the joints and articulation.

  • The power of breath in Qigong. How to coordinate breath with Qigong movement

  • Practice basic Breathing techniques in Qigong for transformation and healing.

  • Neuro mechanics of movements to catalyze the flow of Qi.

  • Learn how to transform depression, worrying, anxiety, and stress into creativity by practicing a five elements Qigong Sequence.

  • Basic Principles of practice I: posture, warm-up, stretching flow activation, cool down. 

  • Basic Principles of practice II: Open the channels, purge or clear the energy, bring in new energy, circulate, tone, and stabilize the flow.

  • Use your mind to direct the Qi.

  • Learn the relationship between Qi and your emotions.

  • You'll receive several video practices.

The Instructor

I have been studying yoga all my life. Qigong came into my life and spiritual practice way later, but I have been practicing it for the past ten years. The last three years have been crucial for my Qigong practice, for I dove deeply into medical Qigong and Dao philosophy. 

I study and practice with a Shaolin monk, and my method intertwines the Shaolin method with the more feminine and gentle Thai school of Qigong.

In this course, I'm pouring all I know and have experienced with Qigong, and since it is a healing method of incredible power, I feel it is essential to learn the basic art so we can all use this method safely at home. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


US $693 or Euro 693


You'll pay in your own currency.


Payment plans available:

you can pay your fee in two or three payments.

For the payment plans a 4% processing fee is added and your CC is required on file. 

Request a payment plan

Read Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Your cancellation must be sent to by and not over November 15th, 2021.

Please be aware that a refund processing fee will be withheld from the amount paid, 

so it will be either $50, or CAD 50, or Euro 50. 

After November 15th, 2021 no refund is available. 

This is applied also to those of you who are following the course through  the on-demand library

You can transfer to other services offered by Simona Yoga, or you can sell your spot to someone else, 

as long as you let Simona know by November 20st, 2022.

Once you make your first payment we assume you have read and accepted the above refund and cancellation condition.

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