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NEW!!! Sacred Bellydance Flow
5-Class Series.

What to expect::

~ Gentle movements,

~ Slow and soothing,

~ Soft yet strong; steady and grounding 

~ Calm yet revitalizing Conscious Flow in my NEW Sacred Bellydance Class series.

Inspired by the five elements and their creative power, I'll gently guide you through the healing motion that spontaneously will activate a more profound sense of Self, presence, and Self-expression. 


This Class series is open to everyone who wants to experience a more profound sense of embodiment, Self-empowerment and discover the healing potential of dance. 


🌺May 15th-June 12th🌺


Each class will move slowly and softly, with some accents here and there to activate all elements in the body, mind, and soul. I'll start the class with a simple body warm-up, followed by our Sacred Bellydance flow; I will conclude each session with a cool down and a short energy-gathering meditation. We will use a few minutes in the end for feedback and questions (optional)


Classes will be held in English, online on Zoom, and edited replays will be available for those who cannot attend the Livestream.

Dates and Time:

Sundays: May 15th, 22d, 29th; June 5th, 12th

From 11:30 am-12:45 pm US EST / Rome Timezone 5:30pm-6:45pm / UK timezone 4:30pm-5:45pm

(Class will last 1hr, we take 15 min for feedback and questions at the end)

Cost for five classes: $85.00 or €85

Cost for single class: $20.00 or €20


My classes are discrimination, gossip-free space, and also an all-inclusive and welcoming online environment. 


The Earth elements will donate you stability, steadiness, grounding

The Water element will provide you fluidity, flexibility, elegance, and grace;

The Fire elements will give you energy, action, impulse, and focus;

The Air Elements will donate you lightness, softness, connection;

The Either element will award you wholeness, embodiment, and self-empowerment. 

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