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Self-Empowerment Coaching

Do you feel vulnerable, confused, and your energy scattered all over? Do you miss focus, purpose, and hope? In one word, do you feel disempowered? Well, I know you feeling way too well.

About 3 and a half years ago I experienced a brutal awakening that showed me how much power I had given away to serve other people's missions instead of nurturing mine. Needless to say, the pain of realizing how much time, money, energy, and relationship I had wasted was excruciating.

As I was going through my challenge to get my power back and restore my creativity, I realized that I wasn't alone in that struggle. As much as I, many other people were either going through the same process to restore their lives at full energy or unfortunately, they were still stuck into patterns that were limiting their life potential.

That's why I worked hard on myself to guide myself out of my dark place, change my life for good and heal past trauma. 

My renewed awareness inspired me to create and start offering this Self-Empowering program to everybody interested. I believe in the integration and embodiment of our inner power.  And, I believe dance and/or other conscious movement practices, such as QiGong combined with Meditation to influence our thoughts and change our self-concept are the key instruments to allow transformation and healing.

I'll be guiding you through this profound yet intense journey, I'll support you every step of the way, I'll direct you on the steps to take, and the choice to make to take your power back and find your life purpose again. You will be in charge of your own choices.

As a Dance and yoga educator, my mission is to empower every human that comes my way, and that's what is my life purpose for you. 

What are the benefits for you?

Are you wondering how dance or sacred conscious movements can help you to take your power back and feel self-empowered, fully embodied, and supported again?


Conscious movement, such as dance, stimulate parts of your brain that promotes coordination, orientation, and direction. This means that:

  • While you learn to dance and consciously move, you learn more about yourself;

  • Learning new steps and choreographies helps your brain to create new neurologic patterns that revitalize and refocus your mind;

  • Dance stimulates your nervous system to a very profound level, helping your entire physical system to rewrite your neurological map from your brain to your muscles to your bones and cells. 


These three reasons alone are enough to understand that by building movement and energy awareness you gradually build self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. In one word ... Self-Empowerment. 


As for my personal experience, I have been dancing all my life, but dance became an essential part of my life when I was in need. Dance has helped me to find myself again, it helped me to restore an intimate connection with my own Self, and find the source of my creativity.

Dancing guided me to take my power back from those who took it away from me and from those I gave my power to because unsure about myself. Dance and Qigong taught me to listen to myself, and the practice of these two beautiful modalities taught me to trust and understand my energy and my emotions.


As I was gradually healing myself, I re-learned to believe in my creative power. That's why I want to share these modalities with you through this coaching Self-Empowerment motivational program.

"Dance And Take Your Power Back":

This is a very special and unique work I offer individually to those seriously interested in creating a profound, valuable, and meaningful relationship with yourself. Establishing a relationship with yourself is essential for any empowering journey focused on healing and transformation of limiting belief which prevents you from manifesting the life your desire.

As a Teacher, I'm here to empower you and give you all the instruments you need to restore that profound connection and increase your inner self-confidence we all have when our inner creative power is whole within ourselves.


How Do I Work?

This program is tailored to your specific needs and to what you want to accomplish. You must do the work!

I will not do the work for you, I will guide you, and support you, but you have to take actions on your life.

The complete program is composed of 1 class live online or in-person per week for 3 to 6 months max. Plus two practice-focused pre-recorded classes to practice at home at your own time.

Live Sessions:


  • Each week you might have to complete small assignments.

Pre-recorded practice:

  • Each month you will receive two conscious movement classes one inspired by Qigong one to Dance.

What else do you need to know about the Techniques?

Energy awareness is developed with QiGong, Mental Concentration is developed with Meditation, Self Confidence is developed by Neurocognitive dance movements to help your change your brain patterns and re-write your disempowering stories into empowering ones. 


Read all about cost and investment here on the side 

Who can enroll?

The program is studied for people that have dance and meditation experience as well as for people that have NEVER danced or practiced meditation before. The goal of this program is not to become a ballerina, but it is to understand your hidden skills and, by learning conscious movements, create a profound sense of awareness of who you are.

Knowing who you are is the first step on the path of reintegrating your power back and actively starting to challenge your limiting beliefs through mindful movements and mindful reprogramming for success, abundance, and love.


The investment

Book a free pre-program consultation to define if we are a good fit for each other, fill out the form below, and I'll call you back upon your indication.

Free consultations are made on video zoom.


3 Months Program



6 months Program:



You can also pay per single session $177/session & You can purchase or rent the pre-recorded sessions upon request


To join my program you must contact me first

or fill out the form below

Important Note:

This Program is not the same as the Teacher Training Program.

This Coaching Program follows the steps of the Teacher Training Program, but it is built around your specific emotional, physical, and mental needs.

Fill out the form to request information (include preferred time to be called back in the message box):
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