The Shakti Warrior Dancer

Reclaim Your Creative Power: Make Space For The Goddess Within

4-week Online Course

Live and pre-recorded Sessions

Sundays pre-recorded contents focused on Practice

Saturday Live online sessions focused on Theory

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We are holding our power in ourselves, yet we don't use it.

Too often, we don't recognize it, and even more often, we give it away. The power is the Goddess, and when we make space for Her, the entire cosmo will start working for you.

Yet, the Shakti Warrior Goddess is within you; She is you, and She is waiting for you to wake up to Her infinite incredible presence. 

Shakti is the Sanskrit word that describes the creative aspect of the Universe, and since the beginning of time, She has been associated with the female creative principle that gives life to all that exists. As such, Shakti resides in each of us, and She represents that hidden potential that could activate the power to create and recreate our own life.

However, the traumatic experiences in our life prevent us from connecting to this hidden force. The pain is too great to see a solution or to feel enough hope to pull us out of the black hole, and back into the world feeling full of energy and renewed.

In This Course...

In this four-week course, I will share all I have learned on my healing journey and my 20 years of experience as a spiritual teacher. I'll share with the following: 

  • How I got out of my circle of pain and depression, 

  • How I reconnected to the Goddess within me,

  • How I found hope again,

  • How I rewired my nervous system, and I turned my energy system back on. 

  • I'll share with you the secret behind brain repatterning: conscious breathing and conscious movement,

  • What happens to my life, and what could happen to yours, when these two techniques merge into one another. 

  • And lastly, I'll share with you what could happen if you embody the energy of Shakti and finally welcome Her force into your life.

All of this I experienced on me, and I want to share it with you because you can too turn your life around.

Your healing journey is full of ups & downs, but if you remember your warrior goddess within, this journey will become the most powerful and successful. 

We are so used to believe that being a warrior means to be aggressive and more masculine than feminine. I would love for you to reconsider. For instance, Quanyin, the epitome of the warrior Goddess, uses weapons such as kindness and assertiveness, compassion and strength, forgiveness, and Self-Love.

During this course, we will understand how our nervous system responds to prolonged undetected trauma, how it detached us from our power, and how we can reconnect to it by using the same weapons as Guanyin does. Kindness and assertiveness.

dharma 7 new.jpg

What we will do?

This course is partially theoretical and part practical. During the theory part, we are going to explore some important topics to understand how unconsciously we hold on memories of trauma into our nervous system, and how we can dissolve them and transform our relationship with ourselves and with the outside world.

The practical part will be focused on simple Qigong to clear our energy system, and Sacred Dance as a form of conscious movement to shift our frequency and mental focus. The Qigong part will focus on the strength to reconnect to the sacred masculine energy and shock your nervous system. The Sacred Dance part will be gentle, kind profound to reconnect to your sacred feminine within.

When strength meets gentleness, the warrior goddess will emerge from the light that vibrates within yourself like a sacred fire.


During this course, we are going to explore the meaning of "trauma", and where and how we hold on trauma into our body; and of course, we are going to find ways to dissolve these muscles memories. This awareness is the first step toward finding the source of your power again. Plus you will receive powerful tools you will need to recreate the life you want, but most importantly, you will be able to rewrite your stories from limiting to creative.

I'll share with you all the instruments that helped me and that you need to reclaim your creative power back where it belongs, into you.


Module-Week 1: Rewire your nervous system: Neurocognition of Movement

Module-Week  2: Activate your electric energy system: the power of Qi in Conscious Breathing with conscious movements 

Module-Week 3: Repattern your brain: from disempowerment to empowerment

Module-Week 4: Rewrite your Story: Embodiment of the Shakti Warrior Dancer


We start on July 24th, 2021, and we meet on zoom for 4 consecutive weeks**:

~ For U.S. Residents Zoom live sessions on Saturdays at 8:00am-10:00am PST (Los Angeles) - 11pm-1pm EST (New York-Florida) ; 

~ For E.U. Residents Zoom live sessions on Fridays 7::00pm-9:00pm (Italia) - 6:00pm-8:00pm (London)  


~ For Everybody on Sundays Pre-Recorded Sessions will be: 

  • 1 Qigong Class 45 minutes long

  • 1 Sacred Belly Dance class 45 minutes long


**We will meet on Zoom on the following days:

Saturdays: July 24th - July 31st - August 7th - August 14th

Fridays: July 23rd - July 30th - August 6th - August 13th


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