Become a Facilitator

There is great magic in starting the Kundalini Rhythms facilitator program.

Either you choose to facilitate a group of people into a Goddess Consciousness experience, or you just keep the experience as a personal journey to your own Goddess Consciousness, the value of this program is profound.

This is not simply a training program, in truth, it is not a training program at all, but it is for certain an opportunity to know better yourself, deepen your understanding of your own energy, and discover how you can be creative, joyful, and successful without sacrificing your graceful self, your sensuality, your untameable nature of being a woman or a man who honors the sacred feminine within.

If you have never danced or you believe you cannot dance, you'll learn it all.

If you are a professional dancer seeking something more profound than just performing for an audience, this program will enrich your artistic career both as a creative person and as a human being.


The program below is fully independent of one another, you don't need to take them all, or in sequence.

Also, Courses 2 & 3 are both individual courses and they are not taught in groups. Only course one is offered to groups. 

Course 1:

The Awakening of the Warrior Dancer

Become a facilitator This course 1 is all the essential you need to know and to experience Kundalini Rhythms at its fullest. You will be able to lead classes and workshops. 


The Awakening of the Mystic Woman  

Course 2

The next step into your Mystic Journey will be to become a "healer", incarnate the leader archetype to be of inspiration for others. Fully awake your light from within, and learn to share and prosper.

To access it you must have completed Course 1 (no exceptions).

By completing this program you will be allowed to offer facilitating program and co-teach with Dharma.

Course 3

The Awakening Of the Alchemist Goddess 

The master awakens when you fully embrace your energy, and you allow your vibration to just be and rise to the highest frequency possible.

This course 3 is not a course as we usually intend, this is a mentoring program that will lead to mastery and to the full confidence you can share all you know and inspire those ready to receive and share with you.

Course 1:

The Awakening of the Warrior Dancer

Learn all you need to know about the fundamentals instruments used in Kundalini Rhythms to create the effect we wish to produce. The first part of the course 1 is to be taken online with interactive activities between the teacher and the students. Within the online part of the course you will learn:

  • Basic Qigong exercises and how to integrate them in your movements to create harmony and balance;

  • Basic easy dance steps inspired by Oriental dance, Persian Dance, and Indian Classica Dance;

  • To integrate yoga philosophy and energy anatomy into your practice to understand how the energy flow;

  • Lectures about Sacred dancing, Sacred dancers of the past (Devadasi);

  • History of Dance;

  • Simple Choreographies of Light to awaken the hidden code of the soul love, light, life learn to activate the code in your dance;

  • Dance to balance elements: the ritual of the elements;

These are just a few of the topics you will be studying and actively practicing in this course 1.



The training is an Online Course highly interactive composed of recorded and live classes. it includes a private Fb group to create a supportive and no judgmental community to inspire each other.


Click the link below to be directed to the course description page


Course 2:

The Awakening Of The Mystic Woman

Incarnating the leader archetype is a big responsibility but it is also a journey into your hidden power to learn how to use it with wisdom and grace.

You'll learn how to tune into your inner source of creation and to merge with the greatest universal source to be always guided.


Sacred Dancing doesn't mean only being beautiful and sensual, it also means being strong and confident.


This course 2 is a deeper dive into your Goddess Consciousness, here it's where healing is going to happen for real.

with course 1 you set the ground, you cleared your energy, you harmonized your field, you raised your frequency, now in this course 2, you can fully tap into your light to activate the change you need to make to embrace fully your light.


You are on the path of mastery and true compassionate empowerment, nothing is more precious than you loving you.

This program is by invitation only,

you must have completed course 1 in full to access it and being invited.

The full program will be communicated once you receive the invitation.


If you have completed Course 1, and you want to know more about this program and be considered for the invitation please click the link below.

the invitation is only to make sure you are ready to jump into this journey, it has not other selective intentions. So feel free to reach out if you haven't received yours.

Course 3:

The Awakening Of The Alchemist Goddess.

When mastery arrives you have the duty to share and live by your highest purpose Course 3 is a mentoring program, it is about working together to share love and compassion all around through the blessings of sacred dancing.


You will be assisted by Dharma in conducting your own course 1 and retreats program that other course 1 students are required to attend.


Please be aware that Dharma Devi doesn't require any royalties for the use and propagation of Kundalini Rhythms method, but it is requested alignment with the teaching, honor the line of teachers, and always remember where this teaching is coming from even when you will be fully independent of Dharma guidance.


What Dharma means to create is a safe movement where women or whoever identifies with the feminine gender can express themselves with love and comfort.


    As a master of this method, you will be guided to help create these spaces all over the world wherever you teach.

Dharma is devoted to creating a sacred place whenever and wherever she teaches, so it is requested from you.


You may apply to this mentoring program after completing course 1 & 2.


please contact Dharma directly to be considered.




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