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The Healing Power Of Dance

"Naturally integrates spontaneous 

movements with creative expression

to promote full embodiment, 

energy awakening, self-empowerment, 

and rediscover your feminine sensual expression."

Rasa: The Healing Power

of Your Emotions.

"Rasa" (रस) is a Sanskrit word that means "juice, essence or taste".

When Rasa is present, artistic creation has the power to awaken the "sensitive mind,"

or other way called: "Emotional Mind".

Emotions create the paths to your freedom, becoming of aware of our emotions, and using this awareness to profoundly know ourselves is a way to interrupt the cycle of sufferance and pain.

Emotions create a juice in our brains (hormones + Synaptic Connections) that can help us reprogram our mind, nervous system and Self Concept.

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Where is this theory coming from?

"The "Rasa" theory is mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit text Natya Shastra, attributed to Bharata Muni, and in the works of the Kashmiri Shaivite philosopher Abhinavagupta (c. 1000 CE)." 

Rasa is a mystic technique used in Indian arts to connotes a concept that cannot be described but it is yet present as it is the aesthetic flavor of any visual, literary or musical work that evokes an emotion or feeling
in the reader or audience.
"Rasa" truly refers to the emotional charged crafted into the work
by the artist 

"According to the Natya Shastra, entertainment is the desired effect of performance arts but not the primary goal. The primary goal is to transport the individual in the audience in to another parallel reality, full of wonder and bliss, where he experiences the essence of his own consciousness, and reflects on spiritual and existential questions."

How the Theory of Rasa Integrates With Kundalini Rhythms Dance?

The power of emotions is profound and can catalyze deep healing and transformation. Kundalini Rhythms©️ uses "Rasa" and "Bhava" to move the essence of each individual from within through dance

and creative movements.

The dance is used to equalize and harmonize emotions to create beauty, grace, and transmute destructive behaviors into creative nurturing energy.

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