What is Kundalini Rhythms?

It is a Sacred Dance.

Kundalini Rhythms is a Sacred and Mystical Style of Dance, where elegance and grace meet strength and presence to create beauty and empowerment.

Kundalini Rhythms Dance awakens your creative feminine energy through guided movements focused on harmonizing the equilibrium between body and mind.

Kundalini Rhythms Dance is not just dancing, it is a process to learn to listen to our inner impulse, follow it and respond harmoniously to musical frequencies with the purpose to bring balance not only to our body but also to our more subtle bodies such as the mental, emotional and why not spiritual.

It is a path to fully embrace conscious movements by letting your emotions unfold at each step and movement. Learning Kundalini Rhythms Dance is a mystic journey that gradually unfolds your inner creativity and brings you closer to your authentic Self. 

Kundalini Rhythms Dance is a mystic and sacred type of dance where dance is not just movement, but it is a search of the most genuine impulse of your soul which leads your movements into becoming manifested 

forms of energy and intentions. 

In Kundalini Rhythms Dance, the words "Rhythm" stands for a stream of impulses generating from your heart and your soul. This stream of pulses gives life to an energy flow which, through conscious movements, can unlock your emotional body, recharge your energy, body and, as consequence, it can help free your soul from limiting belief systems that block you from getting access to your full creative expression.

The word "Kundalini" refers instead to our inner dormant creative power that can be awakened with the right exercises, correct breathing, aligned postures, and rhythm, for our Kundalini answers to rhythms. It can be the rhythms of our heartbeats, or the rhythms of our bloodstream flowing through our body, or the rhythms of music as well as the rhythms of our breath flowing in and out of our bodies.

When there is rhythm our kundalini has the tendency to awaken and rise.


A session of Kundalini Rhythms Dance is organically built to create a final sense of harmony and balance. Through guided movements, supported by focused intentions and an energetic emotional charge, as the frequency of the music used during class leads the impulse from one movement to another.

The dance styles you may experience during a session with Simona are:

Persian Dance for elegance, lightness, and grace.

Oriental Dance for sensuality, creativity, joy.

West African Dance for grounding, regeneration, strength.

Indian Classical Dance for divine expression, and mysticism.

Qigong for energy understanding, rebalance, and healing.

Yoga mysticism for empowerment and freedom.