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The Healing Power Of Dance

"Naturally integrates spontaneous 

movements with creative expression

to promote full embodiment, 

energy awakening, self-empowerment, 

and rediscover your feminine sensual expression."

Heal The Feminine Energy

Kundalini rhythms with symbol.png

Shakti & Dance

Do you know that ancient civilizations considered DANCE to be a feminine form of meditation? 

In the old times, life was tight to the cycle of nature, where nature was the feminine energy called "Goddess."

Based on those beliefs, the Goddess was able to create, renew and transform all that is in creation, maintaining harmony and prosperity within the communities.

Dance and drumming were at the center of the spiritual life of those societies as part of the rituals dedicated to the Goddess because Dance and rhythmic music have the power to activate the Shakti, feminine energy within yourself.

But what's Shakti?

Shakti is much more than just feminine energy. Shakti is the universal force that creates it all. She is the creative action in perpetual motion able to give life, manifest, and transform all that is. She is that feminine energy that keeps everything going while maintaining balance and harmony. 

The sacred feminine has representation in all cultures. Each culture calls it differently, but it's always there, more or less suppressed or hidden, but it is there.

Most importantly, Shakti is not the opposite of Shiva, the counterpart of masculine energy. Shiva and Shakti are two sides of the same coin; as ancient Indian myths tell us, they are intertwined; in constant union and lovemaking. One doesn't exist without the other, and vice-versa.

Indeed, Shakti is a powerful force, but historical events and social and religious conditioning have induced this energy to hide. Shakti has retrieved back in the darkest of places -our subconscious mind- and she has taken on the negative or modest role attributed to her by organized religions. 

The unknown is the reason why most people fear Shakti. Humankind detached itself from this force, and they do not recognize it as part of themselves but as something foreign. Most people fear the power of the feminine within themselves. While on the other side, we have those who misuse this energy or exploit it to manipulate or overpower others. 

Another name for Shakti is Kundalini, which serves as hidden and asleep aspect of Shakti. Therefore, Shakti is an awakened force, while Kundalini is an inner sleeping potential. 

Centuries of repression and suppression of the feminine have induced Shakti to retrieve deep within us for protection. She coiled so deep within us and took another name, often associated with negative things like psychosis, mental breakdown, and worse.  

However, you can safely awaken your Kundalini and bring Shakti's powerful energy back to life. When alive and vibrant, she unites spontaneously with her counterpart, Shiva, to restore balance and harmony. 

That's why in the old times, people used to dance to rhythmic music to perform their rituals because dance is a gentle, profound, joyful, and energetic modality to bring Shakti back to life.

Dance is the most effective method to reconnect to your inner feminine energy and allow her to merge back with her Shiva. 

Dance improves your sense of embodiment, integration, and presence.

Shakti, instead, awakes your inner strength, willpower, confidence, and self-love, while Shiva will offer you mental clarity and focus.   

Shakti is the force inside you that will change your life...So let's dance!!! 

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