The excellence of a workshop is that you can surely deepen your practice and bring it to another level.

Dharma Devi offers her very unique Goddess Journey workshop specifically designed to connect with your Goddess consciousness and sacred feminine awareness. 

It is a journey rich in creativity, which includes poetry, sacred dancing and ...

Well to know it all you can invite Dharma to offer it to your place for your friends and students.

Upcoming Workshop

COST: $27
Registration close on Saturday, March 20th

If you would like to send your payment with Venmo please send to @DharmaDevi Evoli

this workshop will not be recorded

only the final choreography will be recorded and only the attendees can receive a copy of it.

(read workshop description)

Those of you who do not wish to be recorded during the final choreography performance must inform Simona and turn their camera off when the recording starts. please read the workshop description for details.

Please remember to include your email and phone number in the note space below your payment before taping on submitting IF YOU USE PAYPAL OR VENMO OR SQUAREUP.

Your email and phone number will be used for the purpose of this workshop and nothing else.